About Us

We partner with you so we can grow together

ProHatch, a web-based crowdfunding platform built so ambitious professionals can come together in one place to create, support and fund responsible social impact, business and community development. We know the challenges that are associated with raising capital. We also know that collaboration, transparency and trust is at the heart of a prosperous funding community and this is where we stand out from other crowdfunding platforms.

How would you like to partner with C-suite business professionals and crowdfunding industry leaders to bring your crowdfunding campaign to life? Well now you can with ProHatch. Our team works with you to navigate the pre-fundraising, fundraising and post-fundraising activities that are needed to ensure a campaign is the best it can be. We work with you today to help you prepare and grow for tomorrow.


  • Free to launch and no upfront or hidden costs.
  • Support specific to your campaign needs.
  • Choice of funding model.
  • Shared knowledge and guidance.
  • Unique Project URL.
  • Phased funding with Phase-to-Raiseā„¢.
  • Diverse community with countless interests.
  • Faster payout with lower fees via WePay.

Meet Our Team

Our backgrounds encompass real estate, finance, marketing and technology

Meet Our Partners

We work with like-minded organizations to achieve the unthinkable

New Partnership

At ProHatch we are constantly working to discover how we can improve and grow our community through partnerships. If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out.

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