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Complete the funding process and manage the ongoing investment relationship and performance of each funded program.

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The ProHatch Team

Liz powers transformation at ProHatch with entrepreneurial instincts and a clarity of vision earned from over 35 years of executive leadership in the real estate and financial services industries. She...

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Elizabeth Smith KulikCo-Founder, CEO

Barry Barovick is a business leader and entrepreneur with a rich history of advisory, transaction and management experience, and thorough understanding of the intersection of business strategies, tech...

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Barry M. BarovickCo-Founder & COO

Jason is co-founder and Senior Partner of ProHatch. Jason leads product development, is responsible developing market strategy and driving business growth. Leveraging ProHatch’s alternative marketpl...

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Jason KulikCo-Founder & CDO

Jeffrey joined ProHatch in early 2014 as a partner, working with the company's founders to refine the business model and to help launch the platform. He is the founder of Chief Executive Air, a leadi...

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Jeffrey MenagedPartner
What We Have To Say
Wednesday, March 18 2015
10 Real Estate Crowdfunding and Compliance Influencers to Engage With

If you are interested in real estate crowdfunding and compliance, then you already know that one of the best strategies for staying current on industry trends and happenings is through social media. Engaging with top players and influencers on social...

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Monday, March 16 2015
Alternative Capital Marketplaces: Where Are We Going?

Alternative capital marketplaces or peer-to-peer lending platforms, are — without a doubt — on the rise, and are also easily some of the biggest buzzwords in the commercial real estate investment space today. You have likely heard the te...

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